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Burlington Auto Glass Repair, Windshield Repair and Mobile Windshield Repair

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Auto Glass Niagara

Burlington Auto Glass Repair, Windshield Repair and Mobile Windshield Repair

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Located in St. Catharines serving Burlington and surrounding areas

Residential and Commercial Services

When residential or commercial clients need to discuss a problem, I will isolate the specifics and get to work to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions. That’s why residents and business owners have trusted my professionalism, expertise and experience over the years to provide the specialty services they need, and at a rate they can afford.


The staff here were super nice and professional. They gave a really great deal on my windshield and did a wonderful job. I always go to smaller shops whenever possible because a small business owner i like to support other small businesses. I highly recommend this shop, it may be humble but the courteous and friendly service and great work is certainly worth it. Thanks for the great work Auto Glass Niagara!

— Jeromy Purnell

This Guy was Fantastic, I will tell everyone about him and his services and how fast, friendly and economical he is. Forget Insurance, this guy is the place to go!!! Thanks so much for the AMAZING service!!!

— erin mccartthy

The Best windscreen replacement in town, speedy in 1 hour than others speedy overrated, overpriced, oversell and insurance greed. Pay cash you get better deal too. Search no others, believe me all-in for $280 for entire front windscreen. Others quoted from $750 to $550 eventually dropped to $320++. Still no match to $280 the best price and service in St. Catherines.

— Alfred Ng

What I am about

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Solving Your Residential and Commercial Problems

Whether you are a homeowner or business-owner, I understand how challenges can set you back. I am an experienced problem-solving specialist, equipped to handle just about every aspect of the industry. I begin with a detailed analysis and outline your specific requirements. I make sure to include professional insight and expertise to spot any hidden sources of a problem. I get to work promptly on designing customized solutions and deliver professional results. I use a proven step-by-step system that identifies all major issues and tailors streamlined strategies geared towards the most efficient and cost-effective results.

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Personalized Service from the Professional

With so many companies to choose from, selecting the right services for your home or business can seem overwhelming. Auto Glass Niagara makes the task of choosing a professional easy; with a range of options that are not only tailored precisely to your needs but also include knowledge and insight (I have handled just about every industry issue you can imagine). I take pride in identifying problems on the spot, fixing them promptly and providing efficient follow-up service that my customers can count on. I am a licensed technician, fully trained to carry out services for home or business-owners and offer a range of tips and recommendations. I offer complete assessments at your residence or place of business in the region and include a written cost-estimate.

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Benefits for Home and Business Owners

When you choose Auto Glass Niagara, you can free up your employees to focus on core company issues and new ventures. My services are proven to be more cost-effective in the long run. Many of my business clients have reported that outsourcing their major issues to my company have helped reduce overtime costs and contributed to overall business success. Consult with me to find out how my services can save you money and to learn more about my special promotions for first time commercial clients.

Although problems always seem to be readily apparent, the solution may not always seem clear. If you’re a homeowner with a problem, take advantage of a free Auto Glass Niagara consultation at your residence in the area.

Call to learn more about the many advantages available to you and your family. I can identify problems quickly and provide tailored solutions to get you back on track. My services and equipment are designed to save you time and money. In addition, my customer satisfaction guarantee includes conscientious follow-up care that ensures ultimate peace of mind.

I offer knowledge and experience to every job. Call (905) 228-1910 to learn more.